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The Pirates of Combe Martin
13th-16th October 2017
Combe Martin Beach Holiday Park, North Devon
Registration now open until 31st August 2017


About Furcation

Furcation is a furry holiday event. The event offers a unique level of flexibility to make the weekend your own. Whether you prefer to take part in organised events or do your own thing in the company of friends, Furcation offers something for everyone!

We have organised a wide range of different accommodation options to cater to all budgets, so there is no need for anyone to miss out on this fantastic weekend.


Furcation is a different type of weekend event that offers a unique setting and approach to furry events. With a rise in the number of start-up conventions recently in the UK, we wanted to step as far away from that area as possible and to give Furries a fresh new event with a completely different feel. As such, the basis of Furcation in planning was simple. Think Pontins/Butlins for Furries!


So what does this entail? What makes us so different to a convention? For a start, we won't be hotel based. We will be running in the grounds of a holiday park. As such, attendees will not have hotel rooms. Our accommodaton options are cosy chalets and caravans! These can house between 1 - 6 people so perfect for single occupancy, budding couples or small groups.  

2017 Pricing

Registration Pricing Sheet

As we get closer to opening registration for our 2017 event, please find below the indicative prices and accommodation types. The 'from' prices are based on the maximum number of people staying in that unit type with a basic registration package only.

Attending Only

A flat fee of £20 to attend Furcation 2017 without accommodation at the park.

Sponsor Package

This will cost an additional £20 for your registration and will give you extra themed goodies including a T-Shirt.

Pet Dog/s Extra

We have been given chalets and caravans that are suitable for dog owners (Real ones!) for Furcation 2017! There is a limit of two dogs per chalet/caravan with an additional charge of £20 per dog.

Early Arrival Option

This option allows you to arrive the night before Furcation (Thursday 12 October 2017) and costs an additional £10 on your registration

Late Departure Option

This option allows you to leave the day after Furcation (Tuesday 17 October 2017) and costs an additional £10 on your registration

Studio Silver Manor Apartment

From £54.50 per person
Accommodates 1-2 people

1 Bed Studio Silver Manor Apartment

From £39.75 per person
Accommodates 2-4 people (third and fourth attendees on sofa bed)

2 Bed Value Caravan

From £33.17 per person
Accommodates 2-6 people (fifth and sixth attendees on sofa bed)
Dog friendly*

2 Bed Bronze Caravan

From £36.50 per person
Accommodates 2-6 people (fifth and sixth attendees on sofa bed)
Dog friendly*

2 Bed Value Chalet

From £33.17 per person
Accommodates 2-6 people (fifth and sixth attendees on sofa bed)
Dog friendly*

2 Bed Bronze Chalet

From £36.50 per person
Accommodates 2-6 people (fifth and sixth attendees on sofa bed)
Dog friendly*

2 Bed Silver Caravan

From £38.17 per person
Accommodates 2-6 people (fifth and sixth attendees on sofa bed)
Dog friendly*

2 Bed Gold Caravan

From £39.84 per person
2-6 people (fifth and sixth attendees on sofa bed)

2 Bed Gold Chalet

From £39.84 per person
2-6 people (fifth and sixth attendees on sofa bed)

2 Bed Platinum Caravan

From £44.84 per person
2-6 people (fifth and sixth attendees on sofa bed)

3 Bed Value Caravan

From £33.17 per person
2-6 people (fifth and sixth attendees on bunk bed in third bedroom)

2 Bed Silver Apartment

From £38.17 per person
2-6 people (fifth and sixth attendees on sofa bed)

3 Bed Silver Apartment

From £34.88 per person
3-8 people (seventh and eighth attendees on sofa bed)

2 Bed Gold Apartment

From £44.84 per person
2-6 people (fifth and sixth attendees on sofa bed)



Your Furcation Team

Here is the amazing bunch of fluffs who bring Furcation to you.

AV Sparky

Lighting Operator & Web Developer

The head Foxx
The whole thing was his idea so blame him!

Jasper Foxx
Furcation Chairman


Dodger Husky
Events Manager & DJ

Part time Hamster

PR/Social Media & Media department manager


Head of FurcOps


Vice Chairman & Rigger assistant


Head of Security


Head of Medical


Kosey Rah
Head of the Rigger Team


SIA security operative


SIA security operative


Assistant Events manager


Head of Photography & Videography


Luke Mortora
Registration Team Lead and Media


Sayre Foxx
Fursuit Events Coordinator

3d Modeller - Media Department

Poker Fox
Resident Artist - Media Department

Zenny Wolf
SIA security operative

Assistant Photographer

Rwylin Sheppard
Event Steward

Little Moo
Resident Artist - Media department


Malta Chevron
Event Steward


What happens at Furcation?

Furcation is unique in that we have tried not to follow the usual convention formatting. We run a wide spread of events that everyone is welcome to join, from the Fursuit Games to 'Come Draw with me'. Also, a fursuit is not a requirement so even if you don't have one, we will still welcome you in!

Meet And Greet

Friday - Clubhouse
16:00:00 - 18:00:00

Is this your first furry major event? You’re probably not the only one, and by this time we hope you would have made some new friends. However, if you are still stumped or nervous, come and meet up with our Furcation staff and attendees for a friendly chin-wag.

Furcation 2017 Opening Ceremony

Friday - Clubhouse
19:00:00 - 20:00:00

Welcome to Furcation 2017! Captain Jasper will be on hand to say a few brief words and to welcome you all to your furry vacation... your Furcation.

Karaoke And Disco

Friday - Clubhouse
20:00:00 - 00:00:00

Back by popular demand, and this time, we're running it until we close. Furcation Karaoke is back with a bigger and better playlist. Come along and show us that you are better than Justin Bieber (not that hard to do) and you deserve a place as ship entertainer, though don't let Dodger sing again, please?!!!

Cove Market

Saturday - Beer Garden
10:00:00 - 12:00:00

It's time for us to moor up at the docks and stock up on much needed supplies, and by that I mean arts and crafts. Here is where you can buy or sell world class goods from all over the furry kingdom. Make sure you have plenty of doubloons to spare.

Fursuit Sports

Saturday - Clubhouse
13:00:00 - 14:00:00

Think of your usual school sports day, but with more fluff. We'll have lots of games for everyone to enjoy and we'll have prizes better than chests of gold to give away! This event is led by our favourite gym teacher, Sayre Foxx.

Come Draw With Me Too

Saturday - Clubhouse
15:00:00 - 17:00:00

If you are learning the basics how to be an artist, or would like to brush up on your skills, then this is the event for you. Our resident artist, Medosai, will be teaching people the basics on how to draw, then ArtyMadCow will be taking over and dealing with the more complex of queries. It's a two hour artistic masterclass and everyone is invited!

Furry Hungry Hippos

Saturday - Clubhouse
18:00:00 - 19:00:00

Do you remember the old board game 'Hungry Hippos'? Imagine that on a full size scale. Back for a second year with enough coloured balls to make any dog's mind go mental! Even the staff had a go last year... and failed!

Quiz Night

Saturday - Clubhouse
20:00:00 - 21:00:00

The brainiac is back. Puzzle Cheetah will be hosting a quiz of fun, laughter, picking of brains and confusion among many. Prizes will be on offer as teams compete for the ultimate (non-existent) title of Furcation quizmasters!

Swolf's Fursuit Friendly Dance

Saturday - Clubhouse
22:00:00 - 00:00:00

Join our amazing guest DJ, Swolf, for lots of boppy songs and lots of furry critters. The music will be loud and the lights will be bright, however me or the Furcation staff are not responsible for the amount of gorgonzola which will be flooding the dancefloor!

Furcation Photoshoot

Sunday - Clubhouse
10:00:00 - 12:00:00

Let our resident photographer, Scruff, capture your moment at Furcation 2017. No fursuit, no problem! All are welcome to have pictures done. Groups or singular shots, all is good. We may even have a few props for people to play around with!

Innuendo Bingo

Sunday - Beer Garden
13:00:00 - 14:00:00

Those people who listen to Radio 1 will be familiar with this game. For those that don't know, participants fill their mouths to the brim with water and try to keep it in there for as long as possible while we try to make you laugh with sound clips and videos that could be seen as innuendo. The driest person wins.... Surely that's enough explanation to make you think this will be a barrel of laughs!

Open Mic

Sunday - Clubhouse
15:00:00 - 16:00:00

Are you a budding singer, musician or comedian? Do you like performing on stage? Well this is your chance. As long as your act stays within PG-13 boundaries and your act is ten minutes long, as they say in a very recent, popular cartoon, show us what you got!

Retro Games Corner

Sunday - Clubhouse
17:00:00 - 18:00:00

New for this year, back from yesteryear. Remember playing the original Frogger, or getting frustrated at Pac Man? We'll have some old consoles and some new on display ready for people to have a try, and no DLC in sight! For those who want more of a competitive multiplayer game, we shall also have the Jackbox Party Pack on the main stage.

Furcation 2017 Closing Ceremony

Sunday - Clubhouse
19:00:00 - 20:00:00

Alas, all good things must come to an end. Enjoy your last few hours with us as we count up the donation funds and see out Furcation 2017 with festive cheer. Who knows, you may even get a hint at next year's theme, too!

The Furry Crystal Maze - Episode Showing

Sunday - Clubhouse
20:00:00 - 21:30:00

Five daring, or silly, furry adventurers took on the mentally and physically demanding Crystal Maze this year. For those of you who missed it, we will be doing a showing of the episode at Furcation. After the episode, the team will join us for a Q&A session on how the episode went.

Farewell Dance

Sunday - Clubhouse
22:00:00 - 00:00:00

This is the last chance of Furcation 2017 to come to the dance floor and boogie on down with the staff. This is also where the Chairman, Jasper Foxx, brushes off the decks and gives Furcation 2017 one final send off.

Group Photo Combe Martin View
@Furcationevent is a lovely little event, speak to @JasperFoxx it's a damn good event - @JayDaArcticWolf
Furcation vacation =D was an amazing weekend @Furcationevent - @CathalOtter
I know I've already said it, but @Furcationevent was amazing, bring on 2017! <3 - @GaleTheFloofle
Sad @Furcationevent is over but glad it happened. Small, friendly, great fun, and more cheesy than a Butlins run by a team of sergals! :D - @CosmoSnowMew
Super sad that @Furcationevent is over but so hyped to come back next year! Thanks to everyone who made it an awesome time! #FURC2016 - @Donktara
Feeling super sad that @Furcationevent is over :c haven't felt this passionate about a furry event in years! :'( - @hamhamhammu
Would just like to say that I've had a great time @Furcationevent so many great memories. Definitely want to do this again ^^ - @Fluxiled
@Furcationevent this has been the best fur event we have ever been to. Very friendly and just a lovely weekend. Just fantastic. - @Foxcote87

— FURCATION 2016 - In the Beginning —


Our Venue

Furcation is held at John Fowler Holiday's Combe Martin Beach Holiday Park in Combe Martin, North Devon. The address is:

Combe Martin Holiday Park, Woodlands, Combe Martin, Exmoor National Park EX34 0AS.


You can contact us via the current years website here

FURCATION 2016 - In the Beginning

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